Sea Golden Way’s unique blend of shipping & logistics services is the product of our skilled people, local knowledge, and global network. These qualities enable us to deliver value across the entire transportation chain. Over the past decades, more and more companies have chosen to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest of their business, including the shipping and transportation, to specialists in this field. The global business environment has been impacted by globalization, competition, technology, regulation and consumer demand and hence we in Sea Golden Way Shipping and Logistics Services trying to adapt to these changes. Our flexibility has enabled us to move with the times and keep on meeting our customers’ changing needs.

What we think:

We know that information flow is very important for the transportation business and we keep this as our motto and work to achieve this.

1. Customer / cargo

For any establishment having customers who move a good volume of cargo is very important. From Iran, a lot of cargo is been exported such as dry fruits, fresh fruits and much more. Fresh fruits and vegetables are been moved to various Asian destinations as well and also very limited cargo movement to the Far East and Russia. However it is not only limited to exports and Imports from China play an important part of imports to Iran. A lot of cargo moves into Iran from various locations from all over the world. To name some of the cargo, which is imported into Iran, we can talk about Car Spare parts, raw material and computer parts.

2. Personnel proficiency

With a team of trained staff who have been working in the sea, air and land cargo we guarantee that our team can provide you with up to date information and documentation which would enable you to have right on time updates. We know that information flow is very important for our business and we keep this as our motto and work to achieve this. On the other hand, we have trained our staff to provide 24/7 service to all our principles and customers updated.

3. Establishment

With our offices in various places we ensure you that we have a good potential to provide you with good service in terms of pick-up, packing, and distribution. We have our head office in Tehran and few offices/agents at international and domestic locations which help us to provide on-time and scheduled service to our customs who intend to move their cargo to various internal locations.